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What Does Highbridge SDA Church Do?

Bible study is an important part of our worship service. We call it Sabbath School as we study every Saturday at 10am. All are welcome to join us!

Sabbath School Bible Study
 Bible Study 

Our Divine Service starts at 11:30am every Saturday. We worship God our creator with music, prases, prayers and sermons.

Divine Service
 Worship God 

Music and Prayer is important part of worshiping God. Each service will start and end with music and prayers. We have a special Prayer Session from 1:30-2pm on every third Saturday of the month.

Music Worship
 Music & Prayer 

Adventurers (age 6-9 years) and Pathfinders (age 10-16 years) Club meet on the third Saturday of the month from 2-4pm. Admissions to our Adventurers and Pathfinders Club are free of charge.

Pathfinders & Adventurers